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Training Opportunities July - September 2022

Please see below a list of our upcoming public training courses:

Course Title:Dates:Location:Cost:Enrol:
Health Safety Representative    
HSR Initial OHS TrainingThursdays 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th June Notting Hill$960.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Wednesdays 15, 22, 29 June, 6 and 13 JulyTraralgon$990.00 Incl GSTBook
 Full Week Monday 18 - Friday 22 JulyNotting Hill$960.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Mondays 25 July, 1, 8, 15 and 22 AugustWerribee$990.00 Incl GSTBook
 Thursdays 28 July, 4, 11, 18 and 25 AugustTrafalgar$960.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Fridays 5, 12, 19, 26 AugustNotting Hill$960.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Full Week Monday 5 - Friday 9 SeptemberSale$990.00 Incl GSTBook
 Full Week Monday 12 - Friday 16 SeptemberNotting Hill$960.00 Incl. GSTBook
HSR Refresher OHS TrainingFriday, 24 June 2022Notting Hill$320.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Thursday, 7 July 2022Sale$320.00 Incl. GSTClosed
 Tuesday, 12 July 2022Trafalgar$320.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Wednesday, 3 August 2022Notting Hill$320.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Tuesday, 23 August 2022Trafalgar$320.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Monday, 12 September 2022Traralgon$320.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Thursday, 22 September 2022Notting Hill$320.00 Incl. GSTBook
Occupational Health & Safety    
OHS Training for Managers & SupervisorsTuesday 28th & Wednesday 29h JuneTrafalgar$560.00 Incl GSTBook
 Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 JulyNotting Hill$560.00 Incl GSTBook
 Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 AugustTrafalgar$560.00 Incl GSTBook
 Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 AugustSale$560.00 Incl GSTBook
 Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 SeptemberNotting Hill$560.00 Incl GSTBook
Heights and Confined Space    
RIIWHS202E Enter and work in confined spacesFriday 29th JulyNotting Hill$270.00 GST FreeBook
 Thursday 1st SeptemberNotting Hill$270.00 GST FreeBook
Confined Space Refresher Friday 1st JulyNotting Hill$240.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Thursday 11th AugustNotting Hill$240.00 Incl. GSTBook
RIIWHS204E Work safely at heightsThursday 28th JulyNotting Hill$270.00 GST FreeBook
 Tuesday 30th AugustNotting Hill $270.00 GST FreeBook
Work Safely at Heights RefresherTuesday 12th JulyNotting Hill$240.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Thursday 18th AugustNotting Hill$240.00 Incl. GSTBook
CPCCDE3015 Remove friable asbestosTuesday 21st JuneNotting Hill$370.00 GST FreeBook
 Thursday 14th JulyNotting Hill$370.00 GST FreeBook
 Tuesday 16th AugustNotting Hill$370.00 GST FreeBook
 Wednesday 28th SeptemberNotting Hill $370.00 GST FreeBook
Class A Asbestos Removalist Refresher TrainingTuesday 5th JulyNotting Hill$175.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Tuesday 2nd AugustNotting Hill$175.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Monday 26th SeptemberNotting Hill$175.00 Incl. GSTBook
CPCCDE3014 Remove non-friable asbestosWednesday 13th JulyNotting Hill$370.00 GST FreeBook
 Monday 15th AugustNotting Hill$370.00 GST FreeBook
 Tuesday 27th SeptemberNotting Hill$370.00 GST FreeBook
Class B Asbestos Removalist Refresher TrainingTuesday 5th JulyNotting Hill$130.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Tuesday 2nd AugustNotting Hill$130.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Monday 26th SeptemberNotting Hill$130.00 Incl. GSTBook
CPCCDE4008 Supervise asbestos removalWednesday 22nd JuneNotting Hill$270.00 GST. FreeBook
 Friday 15th JulyNotting Hill$270.00 GST. FreeBook
 Wednesday 17th AugustNotting Hill$270.00 GST. FreeBook
 Thursday 29th SeptemberNotting Hill$270.00 GST. FreeBook
Asbestos Awareness TrainingTuesday 26th JulyNotting Hill$175.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Wednesday 24th AugustNotting Hill$175.00 Incl. GSTBook
 Monday 19th SeptemberNotting Hill$175.00 Incl. GSTBook


These courses can also be run just for you at your workplace.

If you are interested you can call us on 1800 429 266 or via email: training@hazcon.com.au



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