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Bioaerosol Sampling (Mould, Bacteria & Fungi)

Mould issues are becoming a fast growing health concern for businesses, schools and homeowners. With recent studies providing a plethora of evidence that report a direct correlation between water damage in buildings, microbial growth (bacteria, fungi and their by-products) and lung conditions.

Whilst there are no legally enforceable standards for mould testing or remediation in Australia, there are guidelines (Worldwide Exposure Standards for Mould and Bacteria) and building codes. The employer also holds a duty to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and free of risks to health. Not only can the introduction of mould into the environment compromise indoor air-quality, but it also increases feelings of being unwell, loss days at work and lower productivity.

HAZCON can undertake a mould assessment which may include:

·         Conducting a visual inspection for signs of moisture, visible mould and odours

·         Air testing for temperature, relative humidity and dew point and moisture mapping

·         Air and surface sampling for mould

·         Destructive testing in determine the presence of hidden mould

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