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Educational Scholarships for Girls in East Timor

For many of us in Australia, the amount of money that we spend on a meal or going out does not seem very much but in East Timor, it can keep a young girl in school for a year including all school fees, books and uniform.

The 'Friends of Ermera', a community-based group of concerned citizens from the City of Casey, formed in 2002 with the aim of helping the people of Ermera rebuild their lives and communities. Their primary focus is the provision of education and training throughout the district and to respond to specific needs and priorities in Ermera.

HAZCON is proud to support Friends of Ermera, by offering educational scholarships for five girls from underprivileged families and encouraging them to continue at school. When a young girl is awarded a scholarship in the first year, 'Friends of Ermera' make a commitment to fund her education for the full six years of secondary school.  HAZCON sees education as the pathway to economic development and prosperity.

Marilyn Davidson from 'Friends of Ermera' receives a donation from Peter Attwood.


The Ice Meltdown Project (TIMP)

HAZCON is proud to be sponsoring TIMP as they continue the good work to reduce the numbers of people using ICE and will be working together to increase awareness of the broad and far reaching effects of ICE in our local communities.

The effects of ICE (Methamphetamine) is much broader than most of the population is aware of. It effects the drug user, their family, the rental house used in the manufacture and distribution, the community through social problems, the real estate agents and the landlords of rental properties. In the long term, methamphetamine residual substances from manufacturing ICE can effect neurone development in young children in undetected but contaminated rental houses.

HAZCON's consultants have seen first-hand the devastating effect from ICE by being involved in clandestine laboratories clearance and clean-up projects. Amphetamine manufacture has been recognized as a significant public health issue and there are now Australian Guidelines for the testing, clearance and remediation of illegal drug laboratory sites.











East Timor Girls Scholarship & Women's Group of Malimea (East Timor)

HAZCON is a proud sponsor of the "Women's Group of Malimea" through Friends of Ermera.

With the aim of raising sufficient funds for a much needed community building, a calendar , "The Faces of Timor Leste", will be available later in the year from Friends of Ermera.

The building would become a centre point for the village and enable the women to get together; maintain local hand weaving techniques as well as provide a venue so as to be able to pass traditional skills onto the youth of Ermera.



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