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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Many organisations are faced with reports of adverse health effects as a result of the quality of the indoor working environment. Indoor air quality complaints are most common during the spring and autumn periods and can range from dry eyes to respiratory problems.

Concerns expressed by employees regarding indoor air quality should be investigated and the employer must take all reasonably practicable steps to eliminate or reduce any problems.

HAZCON consultants will conduct a site inspection and interview employees to establish the nature and extent of potential indoor air quality issues.  The consultant will then undertake monitoring at the site examining temperature, air flow, relative humidity oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the workplace and if required, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).  The results of the monitoring will then be analysed against relevant standards and a report, including recommendations, will be prepared. Very often, improvements can be made by improving maintenance or by changing airflows and make-up air rates.

HAZCON can also undertake a comprehensive lighting survey of work areas and office environments as part of a review of facilities.

More recently, a number of facility managers have also requested extensive electromagnetic radiation (EMR) surveys in response to concerns about electrical installations, in buildings such as sub-stations, hospitals and telecommunication buildings.

The reports and recommendations from HAZCON's site assessments have been useful to current and previous clients in implementing improvements in the office based working environment, and have been able to resolve many long running concerns about the workplace environment.

Please contact HAZCON if you are interested in this service, require a quote or just need a bit of advice.



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