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Calling Melbourne!

Posted by Richard Forster on 28 February 2018

Two Day OHS Training for Managers in the CBD, 21st and 22nd March 2018 -  Tailored training to assist managers in becoming sufficiently competent to resolve issues and successfully manage OHS

If you are a manager or supervisor working in an organisation it is imperative that your employer provides you with the necessary training and information to manage Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). This is both a legal requirement and a benefit to businesses when applying cost-effective consultative, risk management and reporting processes. WorkSafe guidance provides information on being 'sufficiently competent' to resolve issues and to manage health and safety in the broadest of terms. In addition, if you have management and control to any extent you have specific duties in accordance with the OHS Act 2004.

The HAZCON Two Day OHS course for managers and supervisors has been devised to address the requirements from WorkSafe to be considered 'sufficiently competent.'  These requirements are listed below in dot point form. The training will also assist organisations and managers aiming for continual improvement. HAZCON is delivering the course in Melbourne CBD on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd March 2018 and there are still some places left. Full details can be found here.

For effective issue resolution to occur, an employer representative (sometimes referred to as management representative) should have the necessary authority to resolve any OHS issues on behalf of the employer. To avoid any confusion, this should be reflected in the employer representative's position description.

'Sufficiently competent' for the purpose of health and safety issue resolution means that the employer representative has obtained an understanding of how the OHS Act 2004 and OHS Regulations 2017 apply to their workplace and is knowledgeable in relation to the operations for which the employer representative has responsibility.

WorkSafe considers the following range of competencies is required of an employer representative to carry out their role under OHS legislation:
a general knowledge of the OHS Act 2004;

  • an understanding of the health and safety issue resolution process and the role of agreed procedures and regulations;
  • an understanding of the employer duties under OHS legislation and the concept of reasonable practicability;
  • an understanding of the role and functions of Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) and Authorised Representatives of Registered Employee Organisations (ARREOs);
  • an understanding of the role of inspectors, their powers and issue resolution functions;
  • an understanding of how the workplace operates;
  • communication, consultation and negotiation skills;
  • an understanding of the process of resolution when an inspector arrives on site;
  • a general understanding of OHS issues and systems specific to that workplace;
  • an understanding of the hazard identification and risk assessment processes and, in particular, the ability to identify appropriate risk control measures available to the employer; and
  • an ability to get access (within the organisation and externally) to expert technical information and advice in relation to specific hazards.

The training is tailored to address those areas that WorkSafe Inspectors are likely to focus on and includes an auditor's view on OHS Management Systems. The course is interactive, risk based and fun according to previous course feedback. Why not come along and find out?!

To register for this training course please email hazcon@hazcon.com.au

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