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Licensing Requirements to Operate as an Asbestos Removalist in Victoria

Licensing of Asbestos Removalists in Victoria is managed by WorkSafe Victoria (WSV)

For more information on Asbestos Licensing contact the WSV licensing branch on:  1300 852 562 oremaillicensing@worksafe.vic.gov.au

Please Note: Whilst care has been taken to provide accurate information, we have not endeavoured to cover all possible contingencies or individual situations. Prior to acting upon any information offered by HAZCON, you will need to consider your individual circumstances and if necessary contact the WorkSafe Victoria licensing branch.

All of the follow information on asbestos licensing can be found on WSV website:


Victorian Asbestos Licensing System

Company- obtains and holds the licence.

Licences can be obtained in the following categories:

  • Class A, friable and non-friable remove any type of asbestos
  • Class A, specific friable asbestos
  • Class B, non-friable asbestos
  • Class B, specific non-friable asbestos

Friable asbestos crumbles or reduces to a powder when dry.
Non-friable means materials containing asbestos that have been mixed with cement or other hard bonding materials.

Employee- holds the training competencies.

In order to operate under the removal licence, employees must have appropriate training and records of competency obtained from attending a 1 day (B class) or 3 day (A class) course.

The HAZCON developed range of asbestos training courses can be conducted on site at your company's premises or at one of HAZCON's training facilities in Trafalgar or Notting Hill.  HAZCON also offers customised training for these courses so as to include your relevant policies and procedure and in line with legislation.

Please refer to  Asbestos Training information regarding our public training courses or contact us on 1800 429 266 of via email training@hazcon.com.au

Obtaining a Licence

For steps on how to obtain a removal licence refer to the WorkSafe Asbestos Removal

Application Package:


To apply for a licence applicants must fill in the WorkSafe; Application for a Licence to

Operate as an Asbestos Removalist:



All information below is further detailed in the WorkSafe Asbestos Removal Application Package.

1.      Fees

  • The application fee for a Class A licence is $507 and for Class B licence is $469.
  • $45 for a replacement licence.
  • There is no fee for adding extra site supervisors to your licence.

Licence is valid for 5 years.

2.      Certification for Asbestos Occupational Health and Safety Management System

(Class A only)

Applicants for Class A licence must provide a copy of a certificate in relation to a health &

safety management system, which the applicant has obtained.

The certificate must be:

  • current and must remain current, and is
  • directly associated with asbestos removal, and is
  • accredited/approved by JAS-ANZ or as the Authority determines.

(See point 6 of the WorkSafe Asbestos Removal Application Package for more information)

3.      Supervisors

The removal of asbestos requires a nominated asbestos supervisor who must be readily assessable at all times:

  • For friable removals the supervisor must be on site.
  • For non-friable removals the supervisor must be contactable by phone and able to be on site within 20 minutes or can be onsite.

The nominated supervisor must have:

  • At least two years' experience in asbestos removal work and have completed the appropriate level of training for the work being supervised.
  • Provide details of at least six asbestos removal projects (ideally within the last 2 years).
  • The only exception is pits and pipes removal, which requires evidence of three months' work (or around 35 jobs).

If a person wishes to apply for a licence without the experience themselves, they would need to employ a Site Supervisor with the training and at least 2 years' experience.

4.      Training of Employees

Proof of training in asbestos removal must be submitted to WorkSafe Victoria for each employee involved in or expected to be involved in asbestos removal work.

Proof of training MUST be in the form of course certificates, letters from training providers or other suitable training institutions.

(See point 8 of the WorkSafe Asbestos Removal Application Package for more information)

5.      Personal Protective Equipment & Laundering

The applicant should provide details of the personal protective equipment, including respiratory protection to be worn by employees, detailed information on the HEPA vacuum cleaner and must provide details of the laundering arrangements in place for personal protective equipment if relevant.

6.      Medical Practitioner

The applicant should provide the name and contact details of the Registered Medical Practitioner who will undertake medical examinations of employees.

Information about the risks and requirements of working with or removing asbestos, and where to get further advice.




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