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Emergency Management Plans and Procedures

HAZCON can assist you in establishing, implementing and maintaining an emergency plan and emergency response procedures based on an assessment of hazards both internal and external to the organisation.

The emergency plan (also commonly referred to as emergency management plan or emergency response plan) is written documentation of the emergency arrangements for a facility. It consists of the preparedness, prevention and response activities and includes the agreed emergency roles, strategies, systems and arrangements.

Emergency response procedures are a documented scheme of assigned responsibilities, actions and procedures to respond to and manage emergencies.

Emergency plans and procedures should be developed for each specific facility to deal with emergency situations posing a risk to life, health or property. The written documentation should meet the requirements of Australian Standard 3745 Planning for emergencies in facilities.

Different types of emergency situations will depend on factors such as the nature of your activities and location of your facility. Common emergency situations may include fire, chemical spillage and the threat of violence. A more comprehensive list of emergencies is offered as follows.

  • Arson/ Explosion
  • Bomb/ bomb threat or suspicious object
  • Building invasion/armed intrusion
  • Bushfire/ grass fire
  • Chemical/ Biological/ Radiological incidents
  • Civil disorder
  • Earthquake
  • Fire and smoke
  • Flood
  • Industrial incidents
  • Loss of services,/ Information Technology
  • Medial emergency
  • Personal threat
  • Severe weather/ storm damage
  • Structural instability

HAZCON can specifically assist with:

  • The formation, purpose, responsibility and training of the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)
  • Emergency type identification
  • The development of an emergency plan
  • The development of emergency response procedures
  • The establishment, authority and training of an Emergency Control Organization (ECO) and emergency wardens
  • Emergency response related training
  • Develop and conduct emergency response exercises.

The key to successfully responding to emergency situations is to plan, prepare and respond in accordance with your emergency management plan and emergency procedures. Further details on how we may assist you can be obtained by contacting HAZCON on 1800 429 266.



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