Division 6 Asbestos Audit

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017, an employer or a person who manages or controls a workplace has a duty to ensure that all asbestos containing materials present in the building, which may be disturbed, are identified and removed prior to renovation or demolition works commencing.

Division 6 Audit:

  • Destructive / invasive audit prior to demolition or refurbishment.
  • Review of existing Division 5 Asbestos Register to ensure that it is current and to further investigate previously inaccessible areas including ceilings and subfloors.

If a current asbestos register is already in place and a Division 6 Audit is required for the same building before major works, it usually takes a fraction of the time and cost.

Hazardous Building Materials Audit:

Australian Standard AS2601-2001 - The Demolition of Structures and Safework Australia Demolition Work Code of Practice October 2018 specifies the requirements for a hazardous materials audit to be undertaken prior to demolition and refurbishment work.

HAZCON's Division 6 Asbestos Audits generally include a Hazardous Building Materials Audit which will determine the presence of:

  • Synthetic Mineral Fibres (SMF)
  • Lead containing paint
  • Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

Other materials including ozone depleting substances, stored hazardous chemicals and biological hazards (mould and faecal contamination etc.) can also be included upon request within the scope of the audit.

All hazardous building materials (including asbestos containing materials) will then have to be removed prior to works on the building.

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Audit Request Checklist

Client Details Required

  • Name and Position;
  • Company Name and Address;
  • Phone Number; and
  • Email address.

Building Details

  • Site Address (if different to company address);
  • Age and Size of building;
  • Site Plans; if available; and
  • Accessibility to site details.



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