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Complaints and Appeals

HAZCON aims to be the quality leader in Occupational Health and Safety Training in Australia.  We are committed to delivering comprehensive, quality training programs for our students and ensuring students satisfaction.

If you as a student feel that you have been assessed or dealt with unfairly in regards to planning, delivery, process or results of a training course, it is important that you let us know.

If you do make a complaint, we will treat it seriously. You are entitled:
  • To be treated with dignity and respect and not be victimised following the complaint;
  • To have your complaint taken seriously;
  • To have your complaint heard confidentially and by an impartial person;
  • To have the right of access to the complaint and any relevant documentation which is produced once the matter is being investigated;
  • To be represented and/or to obtain advice from a person or an organisation and;
  • To call witnesses or other people to support you in the matter.
To initiate the process, please complete the Training Complaints/Appeals Lodgement Form and forward it to HAZCONs Training and Administration Officer via en email to training@hazcon.com.au. Please forward your complaint to HAZCON in a timely manner to allow us to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

HAZCON will endeavour to make this process as simple and easy for you as possible. We will handle your Complaint or Appeal seriously and impartially in a confidential manner.

We will investigate the situation as quickly as possible and keep you informed of its progress.  We will give you a written report detailing the findings and any outcomes.

This following is a brief guide as to how the Complaint & Appeals process will be dealt with:
  • Once you raise a concern, you should complete the Training Complaints/Appeals Lodgement Form to document the issues;
  • When we receive the Complaints & Appeals Lodgement form, it is referred to our Business Services Manager, who will nominate a staff member to undertake an investigation;
  • You will have the right to have your concern heard by an independent person or panel;
  • During this process you will be interviewed and given the opportunity to fully discuss your concerns;
  • During the process we will keep you informed of the progress and;
  • At the completion of the investigation we will discuss with you and provide you with a full written report on the outcomes and any further actions that need to be taken.


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