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Learning and Development

Posted by Andy Perry on 5 February 2020

As many organisations and workers prepare for 2020, now is a fantastic opportunity to identify, what training needs are required for your workers specifically when it comes to work health and safety. Generally, as the year progresses other work priorities take precedence and education and development of the workers seems to slip away into the background.

There are many benefits attached for up-skilling your workers which include:

  • Job satisfaction and morale among workers.
  • Increased worker motivation and knowledge.
  • New skills transferred onto other workers.
  • Efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain.
  • Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods.
  • Increased innovation in strategies and products.
  • Meeting legal and organisational needs.
  • Reduced injuries and absenteeism.

There are some negative aspects that includes finding the right training provider/individual that will understand your business needs and culture within the working environment, not to mention time to undertake these activities.  The first step in effectively identifying training needs is to assess the job hazards that may currently exist in the workplace. Generally, the results of this assessment will determine key areas for the development of specific training programs that can be based on positions within the organisational structure.

Once the assessment has been completed, training and assessment needs to be delivered by individuals with the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience, which may include a combination of in-house subject matter experts with demonstrated training skills and/or a recognised qualification to level of the program delivered. HAZCON believes in many cases workers learn best by doing and with that in mind, we endeavour to maximise hands-on training and encourage personnel to activity participate by seeking out answers to their questions and be solution focused.

A HAZCON representative can meet with key stakeholders to assist with meeting your organisation specific training needs.


Author: Andy Perry
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