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Happy New Year to you all - Keeping safe and healthy in 2017!

Posted by Richard Forster on 10 January 2017

HAZCON would like to wish you all a happy new year for 2017 and now that the new year has arrived we can all settle in and focus on our priorities for the year ahead.

Some topics that may be on your agenda could include:

    • The introduction of the Global Harmonisation Scheme for the labelling of hazardous chemicals;
    • New OHS Regulations (in Victoria) with revised supporting material from WorkSafe Victoria and the likely impact on your organisation;
    • Undertaking a health and safety training needs analysis of your workers to meet your organisational goals and legal obligations;
    • The first International Standard for Health and Safety (ISO/DIS 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems -- Requirements with guidance for use); and
    • Mental health awareness in the workplace.

    1.   Gain top management commitment to health and safety and set a clear policy

    Top management commitment includes strong, clear leadership with a supporting organisational culture. The policy is a general statement of intent, which guides or influences future decisions and references a health and safety management system.

    2.   Planning 

    Plan how to successfully resource and deliver the health and safety policy.  Also, set meaningful objectives and targets to ensure that hazards arising from your work activities are identified so that risks can be assessed and controlled.

    3.   Implementation

    Implement the plan by developing the capabilities and support mechanisms necessary to achieve the health and safety policy, objectives and targets. The involvement of workers is essential with the implementation processes as it will allow individuals to take ownership of the systems and demonstrate effective communication of health and safety information.

    4.   Measurement and evaluation

    Measure, monitor and evaluate health and safety performance, to determine the effectiveness of risk management. Where necessary, take preventative and corrective action. These steps could be as simple as undertakin regular inspections and/or audits of the organisational.

    5.   Review and improvement

    Review and where necessary, revise the health and safety management system as part of continual improvement

    HAZCON Pty Ltd can assist you in your endeavours to successfully manage health and safety. Please contact us directly on 1800 429 266 for a friendly chat or visit our website www.hazcon.com.au



    Author: Richard Forster
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