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Construction project comes to an end

Posted by Richard Forster on 17 October 2017
HAZCON is proud to have worked with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the architects since 2011 on the upgrade of the multi-storey accommodation tower, 510 Lygon Street in Carlton. This exciting project has now reached its conclusion. All 14 floors (each containing 18 units of varying size) have had major upgrades including bathrooms, kitchens and finishes in general. Communal walkways and grounds areas have also been upgraded. Some of the high-risk activities that were successfully managed during the construction project included:
  • Asbestos removal;
  • Treatment of external and internal concrete 'cancer';
  • Removal and replacement at height of external double-glazed window frames;
  • Traffic management at a busy location;
HAZCON's role in this construction project has included:
  • Formulation, monitoring and review of the Health and Safety Coordination Plan;
  • Monthly workplace inspections;
  • Facilitating an onsite Health and Safety Committee;
  • Liaising with the DHHS, architects and main contractors; and
  • Regular reporting on Occupational Health and Safety issues.

There was not a single lost time injury over the seven-year cycle of the project. The last visit by a WorkSafe Inspector could find no issues to put in his entry report. These facts are testament to the effectiveness of the Health and Safety Coordination Plan and OHS Management Systems implemented by the various contractors working together on site and to the inspection regime put in place to monitor and review work activities.

HAZCON would also like to take the opportunity to thank the main contractors for their support in managing the health and safety of this construction project and to pay tribute to Mark Winters, a Site Manager during the initial stages of the project who sadly passed away recently. Mark was passionate about improving health and safety and was always a pleasure to work with.

Author: Richard Forster
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