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Asbestos Hazard

Asbestos is heavily regulated by the OHS Regulations 2017 and this places a number of requirements onto Employers and persons who manage and control workplaces.

HAZCON personnel have many years experience in the asbestos field across a wide range of industries. We can offer a full asbestos advisory service including audits, risk assessments, sample analysis, air monitoring and clearance inspections.

We also have a number of specific Asbestos Management Programmes which will assist you to manage asbestos in the workplace. This can be in the form of an electronic database made available on your intranet or via a DVD based format.

We can also provide training on your specific asbestos management policies and procedures to maintenance staff and we can update your Asbestos Register to comply with the OHS Regulations 2017.

Occupational Hygiene

HAZCON Pty Ltd provides a comprehensive range of services that address the majority of company HSE needs.

Our professional and knowledgeable consultants can help you identify your hazards and risks and develop controls to either eliminate or reduce these risks. In addition, they can assist in identifying compliance failings whether they are related to the formal or accredited Health and Safety Management Systems or to regulatory obligations.

Our experienced occupational hygienists can assist you in determining whether the work environment is safe and healthy either through air monitoring for chemical contaminants, performing indoor air quality (e.g lighting) or noise surveys, determining whether mould or clandestine laboratory remediation has been effective, or conducting manual handling and ergonomic assessments.

Most companies do not have the capacity or skill sets to effectively cover all HSE areas. HAZCON Pty Ltd can provide short term and project based HSE consultants to improve health and safety by assisting in the development of health and safety management systems, leading focussed investigations into plant safety, and assessing the efficacy of chemical management practices or environmental management. HAZCON Pty Ltd can also supply experienced consultants for short to medium term placement to fill gaps as a result of personnel changes or specific technical capabilities lacking in the organisation.

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