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TLID3027 Prepare for transport of dangerous goods

RTO Code: 21519

Duration: 1 day

Aim: This accredited module provides individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge required to prepare for the transport of dangerous goods as part of work activities undertaken within the transport and logistics industry. It includes checking dangerous goods load, assessing vehicle suitability to transport intended load, checking emergency procedures and equipment, evaluating  documented route plans, and completing required assessment process.

Key Areas Covered:

  • Checking dangerous goods load to ensure dangerous goods labels are clearly visible and legible, and packaged goods are correctly labelled in accordance with applicable documentation;
  • Assessing the vehicle suitability to transport intended load that includes the appropriateness to carry designated dangerous goods, including classification, mass and configuration;
  • Visually checking the load restraint system/s for serviceability and appropriateness to secure intended load in accordance with the Load Restraints Guide 2004;
  • Confirming emergency procedures and equipment for each type of transported dangerous good, including notification of relevant personnel and authorities and, as required, use of equipment for containment, clean up or recovery;
  • Evaluating the documented route plan and any potential difficulties including regulatory restrictions, traffic flow and conditions, obstacles, road standards and construction activities; and
  • Completing the final documentation checks for dangerous goods in accordance with regulatory and workplace requirements.

Target Audience: Anyone working in logistics / transport, warehousing, distribution and storage industries and individuals who may have any management and control of loading dangerous goods and or hazardous chemicals onto vehicles, which may include, persons conducting and business or undertaking, primary contractors, load managers, schedulers, operators and loaders.

Note: The term Hazardous Chemicals has been adopted in the relevant states and territories that have adopted the Work Health and Safety Legislation.


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